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Updated: 12 min 11 sec ago

Japan to test online voting for overseas citizens

5 hours 30 min ago
The internal affairs ministry will test online voting for Japanese citizens living abroad in an effort to raise voter turnout among such people in elections.The ...

Top Japanese comedian to retire in wake of ‘underground business’ scandal

5 hours 37 min ago
A top Japanese comedian, suspended by his talent agency for conducting an “underground business” operation, has decided to retire from the entertainment industry, sources close ...

Kanto railways to offer three-day pass for foreign nationals during 2020 Games

5 hours 46 min ago
East Japan Railway Co. and 25 other railway operators in the Kanto area said Thursday they will sell a three-day train pass for foreign visitors ...

Most victims of Kyoto Animation fire tried to escape via stairs leading to the roof but couldn’t open the door

6 hours 9 min ago
Most victims of the inferno Thursday at a Kyoto Animation Co. studio tried to escape the fire via stairs leading to the rooftop but were ...

In Akita, close Upper House race serves as symbol for fierce battle between ruling and opposition camps

6 hours 40 min ago
The campaign office of the Liberal Democratic Party’s Matsuji Nakaizumi, an incumbent running in Sunday’s Upper House election, features something rather unusual: Dozens of endorsement ...

Upper House candidates in Tokyo vie to fill void after exit of popular lawmaker

7 hours 48 sec ago
Candidates are frantically vying for support from unaffiliated voters in Tokyo ahead of Sunday’s House of Councilors election in a bid to take advantage of ...

Growing foreign resident population in Fukushima Prefecture now numbers more than 14,000, says new report

Thu, 07/18/2019 - 22:56
Reflecting a nationwide trend of an increasing number of foreign residents in Japan, Fukushima Prefecture is also seeing its foreign community expand.According to a census ...

Hokkaido ski resort tackles growing tensions between Japanese and foreign residents

Thu, 07/18/2019 - 21:56
A growing number of complaints regarding an increase in foreign residents is straining relations in Niseko, an area internationally known for its famous ski resorts ...

Kyoto anime studio hit by arson is known for skilled animators and passionate fan base

Thu, 07/18/2019 - 21:48
It may not have the international name recognition of Studio Ghibli, but Kyoto Animation has many passionate fans and is known for its team of ...

U.S. military brings back remains from World War II battle of Tarawa

Thu, 07/18/2019 - 16:46
The U.S. military has brought back the remains of more than 20 servicemen killed in one of the bloodiest battles of World War II.An Air ...

Anime fans shocked by arson attack at famous Kyoto studio

Thu, 07/18/2019 - 06:45
An arson attack at a well-known animation studio in Kyoto that left at least 33 people dead Thursday sent shock waves among avid fans of ...

Shinzo Abe considers Cabinet reshuffle in September if he wins Upper House election

Thu, 07/18/2019 - 06:20
Arrangements are also being made to convene an extraordinary parliamentary session Aug. 1 to pick the Upper House’s new president and vice president, say officials.

With pacifist Constitution at stake, apathy reigns in Japan ahead of Upper House election

Thu, 07/18/2019 - 02:43
Politically speaking, the upcoming Upper House election is a huge deal for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. After all, it’s a vote that could determine the ...

Princess Mako attends anniversary ceremony in Bolivia

Thu, 07/18/2019 - 01:58
Princess Mako on Wednesday attended a commemoration in Santa Cruz, eastern Bolivia, to mark the 120th anniversary of the arrival of Japanese immigrants to the ...

Liberal Democratic Party leading in poll for single-seat districts in Upper House election

Thu, 07/18/2019 - 01:52
The ruling Liberal Democratic Party has gained a lead over opposition forces in 22 out of the country’s 32 single-seat constituencies ahead of Sunday’s Upper ...

Carlos Ghosn sues Nissan and Mitsubishi for breach of contract: report

Thu, 07/18/2019 - 00:58
Former auto titan Carlos Ghosn, currently under house arrest in Tokyo, is suing Nissan Motor Co. and Mitsubishi Motors Corp. in a Dutch court for ...

Cyberthreats bound to expand ahead of 2020 Games, experts warn

Thu, 07/18/2019 - 00:53
As Japan gears up for the 2020 Olympics in just over a year, it needs to brace for sophisticated cyberattacks, experts say.With the proliferation of ...

Kawasaki man served fresh warrant in murder of wife, whose legless body washed ashore last month

Thu, 07/18/2019 - 00:48
A 26-year-old man who was arrested on suspicion of abandoning a corpse after his wife’s legless body was found last month at a beach in ...

Driver admits fault in crash that killed two toddlers in Japan

Thu, 07/18/2019 - 00:37
A woman arrested for alleged negligent driving in a crash that caused the deaths and injuries of toddlers in Otsu, Shiga Prefecture, in May, admitted ...

Number of crimes reported in Japan in first half drops 8.7%; 2019 figure likely to hit lowest postwar mark

Thu, 07/18/2019 - 00:29
The number of crimes recorded in Japan continued to decline in the first half of 2019 and the full-year figure is expected to reach its ...