J1 plays JAPAN'S HOTTEST HITS with songs from the current and recent J1 Top 40 music charts with at least two current chart hits per hour as well as "classic hits" from the 1990s and 2000s.  The following scheduled programming is aired on J1:

7:00-9:00 AM PST
Sunday though Thursday


08:00~10:00 JST 
Monday through Friday


Michiasa Music ~ Start your morning with your favorite girlpop and other hand selected songs by J1's program director.


6:00~10:00 PM PST

7:00~11:00 AM PST


11:00~15:00 JST

24:00~28:00 JST


Japan's Top 40 Countdown ~ The 40 hottest songs in Japan based on domestic FM radio airplay.


Program times on J1 are centered around Japan.  Therefore, when daylight/summer time comes and goes in the U.S., Canada and Europe, the airtimes in the rest of the world will change while they remain the same in Japan.

Japan's Greatest Hits of All Time ~ J1 XTRA scours the entire library of nearly 20,000 titles with a focus on a large variety of tracks from the 80s to today. 

6:00PM~7:00PM PST
Monday through Friday


11:00~12:00 JST


The 60s at 6 ~ An entire hour of classic enka and pop music from the 1960s.


7:00PM~8:00PM PST
Monday through Friday


12:00~13:00 JST


The 70s at 7 ~ An entire hour of classic enka and pop music from the 1970s.


8:00PM~9:00 PM PST
Monday through Friday


13:00~14:00 JST


The 80s at 8 ~ An hour of the birth of city pop and J-POP from the 1980s.


9:00PM~10:00 PM PST
Monday through Friday


14:00~15:00 JST


The 90s at 9 ~ Your favorite stars in their earliest days with an hour of tracks from the 90s.


Program times on J1 XTRA are centered around Los Angeles.  Therefore, when daylight saving time comes and goes in the USA, the airtimes within the USA will remain the same while the airtimes in the rest of the world changes.

J1 GOLD plays a mix of music from the 1960s to the 1980s and some even earlier.  J1 GOLD does not have any specific scheduled programs.

Tokyo Travel and Weather

From 5:15~23:45 JST every day, J1 and J1 XTRA runs updates on the various railroads in the Tokyo/Kanto area at :15 and :45 past each hour.  Weather reports are carried in English at :15 past each hour and in Japanese at :45 past each hour.