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Updated: 1 hour 53 min ago

New Banksy Valentine’s Day artwork vandalized

Sun, 02/16/2020 - 07:41
A new Valentine’s Day work by U.K. street artist Banksy, showing a young girl firing a slingshot of flowers, has been defaced after appearing on ...

Virtual idols, anime and a rock ‘n’ roll spirit: Nakamura Shido II leads kabuki’s evolution

Sat, 02/15/2020 - 13:27
The audience, most of whom are in their 20s and 30s, wave glow sticks and holler as the lights go down for the start of ...

‘Introduction to Zen Training’: Sogen Omori’s road map to enlightenment

Sat, 02/15/2020 - 13:06
An introduction to Zen practice, by one of Japan's leading practicioners.

Shuntaro Tanikawa: Acclaimed poet, beloved children’s author

Sat, 02/15/2020 - 13:04
The best in children’s literature earns devout adult fans too, and perhaps no other Japanese writer embodies such cross-generational popularity than Shuntaro Tanikawa.Frequently touted for ...

‘Shape of Red’ shows what Japanese women really want

Fri, 02/14/2020 - 04:30
Yukiko Mishima addresses the dangers of traditional gender roles with her latest film, "Shape of Red," adapted from a Rio Shimamoto novel.

SXSW ramps up its Japan game

Fri, 02/14/2020 - 04:25
A slew of Japanese artists are set to appear at the South by Southwest Music Conference and Festival in Austin, Texas, between March 16 and ...

Japanese students take idol worship to a whole new level

Thu, 02/13/2020 - 05:00
Take a look at the world of Unidol, in which teams of Japanese university students emulate the moves of pop groups in a battle to ...

’37 Seconds’: A woman’s journey of self-discovery

Thu, 02/13/2020 - 04:59
In Hikari's debut feature, first-time actor Mei Kayama plays a woman determined to become a manga artist, but who must overcome her lack of life ...

‘Beneath the Shadow’: Too obscure for its own good

Thu, 02/13/2020 - 04:58
Keishi Otomo's latest film looks at two colleagues whose blossoming bromance threatens to turn into something more mysterious.

Shocking ‘Parasite’ win at the Oscars cements South Korea’s status as a cultural powerhouse

Wed, 02/12/2020 - 08:25
South Korea’s status as a cultural juggernaut just got a serious shot of international credibility.“Parasite,” a dark comedy about the divisions of wealth and class, ...

Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals stay true to their roots in a Wild West industry

Wed, 02/12/2020 - 05:00
Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals bring their brand of blues and folk-tinged roots rock to Japan for their first tour in 14 years.

Japan’s postwar aesthetics: compelling if not confusing

Wed, 02/12/2020 - 04:59
The NMAO attempts the difficult task of discerning the "underlying presence of Japanese aesthetics in postwar art.

‘Concave and Convex: A Sumikawa Kiichi Retrospective’

Wed, 02/12/2020 - 04:58
Feb. 15-May 24A pioneer of postwar abstract sculpture, Kiichi Sumikawa is known for his use of clay, wood, stone and other natural materials. He has ...

‘Kaburaki Kiyokata and Hirezaki Eiho: Illustrations Bringing Color to Modern Literature’

Wed, 02/12/2020 - 04:57
Feb. 15-March 22Kuchi-e prints, illustrations included in the introductory pages of books and magazines, were particularly prevalent from the late Meiji Era (1887-1912) to the ...

‘Koku 21106’

Wed, 02/12/2020 - 04:56
Feb. 15-March 14Hideo Nagai’s large-scale sculptures, such as “Baba Project” (2001), are well known in Japan for being both unusual and humorous in their expression. ...