Time to improve J1!

Over the past few weeks, you may have noticed times when J1 (Hits, Xtra or Gold) was not on the air.  Most of the recent interruptions have been caused by our current streaming provider with untested software "upgrades" and the lack of security on their servers.  Our listeners deserve better.  As a result, we are making changes to our stations to improve your J1 experience.  With that, J1 is migrating our channels to a different provider.  

Supported ways to listen to J1

For listeners who use our supported methods of listening to J1, the transition should be seamless.  If you are wondering, here are the supported methods of listening to J1:

  • Using the J1 Jplayer directly accessible from our website at J1FM.tokyo,
  • Using the official J1 mobile app,
  • Using a Roku box or compatible smart-TV (North America/Europe only),
  • Listening with TuneIn,
  • Listening on Shoutcast.com,
  • Listening on Radio.garden,
  • Listening on Winamp or other MP3 players with the J1FM.tokyo URL:

NOTE: With the transition, all URLs with "sonixcast.com" will no longer be valid.  Please use the J1FM.tokyo URLs instead.​​

If you listen to J1 using one of the above methods, those methods will transition to the new server and you don't need to make any changes.

If you listen to J1 in a way not listed above, then you may be impacted by this change.  The easiest way is to use one of the methods above for listening to J1.  This assures that if we have a change in the future, you will not need to change anything.

Listening to J1 with iTunes

iTunes has officially discontinued listings of internet radio stations that are not operated by Apple.  You can still listen to J1 through iTunes by clicking on [File] and then on [Open Stream] (or Ctrl-U) and entering one of the J1 Winamp URLs shown above:

Listening to J1 through third-party mobile apps and websites

We are aware that there are many third-party mobile apps, web directories and other links that may directly link to the sonixcast URLs.  As there are many apps and pages out there that link to J1's streams, we are not aware of how many there are or how to reach those developers.  Therefore, if you enjoy J1, we ask that you use one of our official methods for listening.  This includes from the J1FM.tokyo website, the J1 HITS and J1 XTRA mobile apps, the TuneIn mobile app, Shoutcast.com and Radio.Garden.  

If you are the developer of a third-party app or webpage that directly links to J1's audio streams, please visit our Developer's Page.

We do not want to lose you as a listener!  Please make sure you can keep hearing J1 by assuring that you are using one of our supported listening methods!  Thank you for loving J1!