Thank you for considering placing the J1 Radio streams on your mobile apps or websites.  Every listener counts at J1, therefore we do encourage our stations having as much presence as possible.  

At this time, J1 is in the process of transitioning streaming providers.  This means that the raw URLs for the streams are in the process of changing.  Please keep a watch on this page as we will update it when we have the information on the new URLs.  

If your application can handle a redirect on a HTTP 302 response code, we strongly encourage that you add the following URLs as they will remain permanent despite any changes we make to our service providers in the future:

Channel/Slogan 128K 44 kHz MP3 64K AAC
J1 HITS (Japan's hottest hits)
J1 XTRA (Japan's greatest hits of all time)
J1 GOLD (The legends of Japanese music)
a-chan (The anime channel from J1)
REC-FM (J1's English language sister network)

If your application does not support HTTP 302 redirects, you will need to use the following direct URLs:

If you are using any URLs for us that include, those URLs have been discontinued. Please move to the 302 URLs above or use the following Torontocast URLs.
Channel 128K 44 kHz MP3 64K AAC
J1 GOLD (not at this time)
A-chan (not at this time)

Please note that if you use these non-redirect URLs, you will need to change them if our service provider changes or our existing service provider needs to make changes.

Again, thank you for your interest in carrying J1 on your app or website!