Tokyo/Kanto Region

Keio Inokashira Line - outbound line
Across entire line.

[Inokashira line delay delay Delay] occurrence time: 18:25 / occurrence location: Kichijoji station / Cause: emergency point inspection / delay section: up and down / transfer transport: in progress

JR East Chuo Line - outbound line
Between Takao and Kofu
Unidentified noise
On the Chuo Main Line, due to the confirmation of noise on the Chuo Line Express Train, some trains on the downlink line between Takao-Kofu Station are delayed.

JR East Joetsu Line - inbound line
Suspended - Will Resume Soon
Between Minakami and Shibukawa
Animal collision

JR East Takasaki Line - both directions
Between Tokyo and Takasaki
Human-related accident

JR East Shonan-Shinjuku Line - both directions
Across entire line.
Human-related accident

JR East Ryomo Line - both directions
Across entire line.
Both hair lines are expected to be delayed in some sections due to the slow operation caused by the typhoon.

JR East Hachiko Line - both directions
Between Yorii and Kita-Fujioka
River overflow
The Yataka Line is scheduled to operate on the upper and lower lines between Yorii and Kita-Fujioka Stations due to the displacement of the piers associated with the river flooding between Tanso and Gunma Fujioka Stations. It is expected to resume operation in late November. We carry out transportation by bus. The number of operations is reduced between the Koryo River and Yorii Station and Kita-Fujioka-Takasaki Station.

Southern California

Metro Rail & Metrolink reported on schedule.
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Metrolink-Los Angeles Union Station


Train Destination Track Sched. Status

Northern California

BART reported on schedule.
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