Tokyo/Kanto Region

JR East Joban Line - both directions
Between Katsuta and Iwaki
Confirming safety at a level crossing
Joban line, Sawa-crossing safety checks in the while Tokai station in Katsuta-Iwaki station between top and bottom line by delays and cancellations.

JR East Uchibo Line - inbound line
Between Kisarazu and Chiba
Confirming safety at a level crossing
In the sotobo line, nagaura-crossing safety among the elder Deng Nagasaki station in Kisarazu-delays by some trains between Chiba station up the line.

Southern California

Metro Rail & Metrolink reported on schedule.
Also check the Twitter information below for additional updates as well as delays for Metro Bus.

Metrolink-Los Angeles Union Station


Train Destination Track Sched. Status

Northern California

Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)
posted: Sun Sep 23 2018 07:28 AM PDT
Buses replace trains in Oakland all weekend for Measure RR track rebuilding work. Service map with details is on BART.GOV. Bus service is frequent and free. Expect a 10 to 15 minute bus ride.

Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)
posted: 09/22/2018
Heads Up: The regular BART schedule/timetables and these QuickPlanner results will not reflect our actual service because of the bus bridge. Use the Real Time Departure feature instead. Details at

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