Tokyo/Kanto Region

All services reported on schedule.
JR East Japan, Tokyo Metro, Toei Lines, Keio Corporation, Tobu Railway, Keisei Electric Railway, Keikyu Railway, Seibu Railway and TWR.

Southern California

Metrolink Ventura County Line - Train # 112
15 minute delay
13 mins ago: VC line 112 to Moorpark is delayed 15 minutes due to train congestion

Metrolink Orange County Line - Train # 600
Mechanical problem
142 mins ago: UPDATE: OC Line 600 to Oceanside is delayed up to 60 minutes due to mechanical issues.

Metrolink-Los Angeles Union Station


Train Destination Track Sched. Status
909 Burbank Airport 3B 11:40 ON TIME 11:40
211 Via Princessa 4B 11:58 ON TIME 11:58
310 San Bernardino-Downtown 13B 12:42 ON TIME 12:42
109 Moorpark 7B 12:43 ON TIME 12:43
402 Riverside-Downtown 6B 13:20 ON TIME 13:20

Northern California

BART reported on schedule.
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